Figure 8's (Spectacle Blinds) and Paddle Blinds and Spacers

Gulf Manufacturing, manufactures Figure 8’s(spectacle blinds), Paddle blinds and spacers in carbon steel(ASTM A516-70), ASTM A105, Stainless Steel, Chromes, and any specialty alloy! These can be offered in Machine Finish or Mill finish depending upon your customer’s preference.

The Figure 8’s and Paddle blinds/spacers are manufactured to API-590(an older specification), ASME B16.48, and to any of your customer furnished dimensional requirements.

All of these products are used to indicate a line that is either blanked off or open. They are used for repairs, maintenance, and turn-arounds!

Full Material Test Reports are available on all products.

Should you have a requirement, please advise:
Quantity, Nominal Pipe Size, Pressure rating, Thickness, Material, and Finish. If this info is not available, we will offer these items to one of the specifications listed above.

Please contact us on any of your requirements!

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