Swivel Flanges

Gulf Manufacturing manufactures two product lines of swivel flanges. One is a "Light Weight" ANSI swivel flange product and the other is a "Heavy Weight" Sub-Sea swivel flange product.

Currently an inventory is maintained on the most popular sizes and pressures in the ANSI Light Wt. swivels with the Heavy Wt. Sub-Sea available upon request.

Materials are available in carbon steel(ASTM A105N), High Yield, 4130NQT(75k) and other alloys upon request.

Full Material Test Reports are available on all products.

Swivel flanges are used mainly for installations where the connecting tubular product is already installed and the user needs to be able to swivel the bolting ring to match up to the next flange product.

Please contact us on any of your requirements.

Swivel Flange Swivel Flange Swivel Flange